Mikael Krogh


Originally from Norway. Came to Singapore in 2010 to build a Corporate VC, BW Ventures.

Worked on the investment side with operational roles in a few companies. Started as an equity analyst in one of Norway’s largest funds, Postbanken Verdipapirfond. Then shifted over to more private/VC focused investment companies.

Studied Business BA at USC (USA) and BI Norwegian Business School. (Singapore)

Alex Nergaard


IC member and investor in Investigate 1st fund. 2nd generation venture capitalist.

Professional director and active investor. Alex has been running his family’s comprehensive and diverse investment portfolio since 2011. He has hired employees, invested in- and co-founded several successful companies.

Prior experience from focus on sourcing and execution of transactions in maritime industry and structured asset finance markets.

BsC in Business from Bocconi University, Italy.(Singapore)