Antler is a company generator - they start with great talent, help them with idea generation, set co-founding teams together and improve their chance of success by addressing the usual pitfalls, and provide them with funding. As of Sep '23 they have >900 portfolio companies and operate 28 locations on five continents.


Aurigin is the world’s first deal origination platform to use a complex algorithmic approach to match middle-market corporates seeking capital with the most relevant providers of capital anywhere in the world. Aurigin helps members raise capital, buy and sell companies, locate potential investments and new clients.

Chaotic Good Labs

CGlabs (previously Panya) is an interactive real time content platform for mobile first consumption. The first app on the platform got 2m users in 10 months - all organically. Several content creators and media companies are signing up on the platform to create the future of media!


Cove is delivering co-living with its superior value proposition; flexibility and convenience for tenants and savings, professionalism, and predictability for property owners - and it is all done in style! In less than two years they have expanded their footprint to include Indonesia in addition to a significant footprint in Singapore.


GrowthDesk has developed an all-in-one marketing tool built for SMEs globally, but also used by MNCs like CapitaLand and Unilever. Their marketing automation tool lets companies do effective digital marketing and track the generated sales, or return on ad spend.


KlikDaily is building a retail chain over an app in Indonesia - offering unmatched value to both the ‘warungs’ (local independent shops) and the principals serving the market. More and more value for the different stakeholders is continuously being added.


Lendela offer an unmatched value proposition to both consumers and the bank partners and credit providers. This is done by streamlining the discovery and application process for consumers, giving them choice and speed, at the same time delivering high quality customers to their credit providers.

Parcel Perform

Parcel Perform is a carrier independent parcel tracking service for merchants worldwide. Covering more than 600+ carriers and 30+ languages, Parcel Perform enables retailers to manage their after-checkout experience, reduces customer service costs and improves their overall logistics setup.


Portcast is the next-gen cargo forecasting and visibility platform, using real-time external data and proprietary machine learning to predict demand for cargo and visibility for the supply chain. They now also supply the financial industry with supply chain visibility.


Quincus deliver an end-to-end solution for the carrier industry; first- to last mile handling of parcels and containers. In addition they offer intelligence and optimisation that has real effect for the quality of service and for both the top and bottom line.

Salary Board

Salary Boards is an information services company that offers SaaS solutions allowing companies and recruitment agencies research and compare HR analytics accurately and in real-time.


StoryBrain is improving user engagement by evolving content with the help of AI. Visual content take almost all of our interfaces and can influence how one experience a website or app! StoryBrain deliver better versions of your own images to your users and customers.


TechStorm is Asia’s largest and fastest growing media distribution platform that celebrates the region’s rising stars in Esports, gaming and tech innovations. Its best in-class, first-run and high-quality exclusive entertainment content is available on over 120 platforms in 11 Asian markets (by 1Q '23).


Experience a new level of convenience with WorkRamen. Revolutionize your operations with enhanced security, streamlined processes, and simplified workflows for everyone in your organisation. Beta launch 4Q '23. (Formerly AWST.)

Healthtech company

In only 4 minutes - diagnose a person's mental health state and and any issues for early treatment and have a more healthy and productive organisation - and avoid potentially larger consequences for the individual and the organisation. This investment is for the time being under wraps - watch this space for more information soon.