Investing in Network Effects


In Dec 2017 Investigate VC started investing in exciting startup companies with exceptional founders. As of Dec 2023 we have invested in 15 startups which we proudly call our portfolio companies. They all have strong network effects in common. Network effects are behind >70% of the economic growth in the digital economy. Click here and submit your pitch info if you think you come within our investment theme (see below). 

Investment theme

A unique investment theme focusing on strong network effects. Investigate's investment theme makes us find the companies that are positioned to take greatest advantage of the possibilities the world of connectivity and big data allows, and is behind 70% of the growth in the digital economy. We also help our investees to develop according to this business model.


Startups that have  strong network effects


We have a global mandate, but a main focus on South East Asia.


Our main focus is Seed stage, but we do up to Series B. We want to see some regular revenue before investing.


We can both lead (up to Series A) and co-invest.