• Saving the loan institution >95% of loan applications (all that do not qualify)
  • Pre-qualify consumers in the matter of minutes and…
  • …giving them 3-5 different loan offers to choose from

Lendela is making the above possible by having a close relationship with the banks and lending institutions and using their data algorithms to pre-qualify consumers with just a few questions. It is not only new consumer loans they can help you with, they also help you consolidate the loans and lower your expenses, by connecting you with the right lender and simplifying the process.

As you probably can tell, we are very excited to welcome Lendela as a portfolio company in Investigate. Mr Nima Karima, Founder and CEO, and his excellent team has already launched in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

About Lendela

At Lendela, we believe that there is a better way to simplify the loan application process through leveraging digital technology. We want to create superior value and empower consumers, whilst at the same time delivering high quality customers to our bank partners & credit providers.

Lendela focuses on the customer experience and create a platform for connecting consumers with our partners. We are now operating in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong, partnering with banks and lenders to provide the customer with the best possible loan offers and owning the customer journey starting from the loan application to loan disbursement.