That could be one of the questions on an app that Panya’s real time interactive media solution provide support for. We’re thrilled to announce our latest investment in BKK based Panya Studios, which created the most popular app in SEA in 2018. Panya Studios is a perfect fit to our business model focus, network orchestrator, enabling media companies and content creators in building their own interactive low latency shows at broadcast scale – which means that these shows would be able to attract a broader range of users, even those without fast internet connections.

The company was founded by CEO Geir Windsvoll, CPO Jakob Lykkegaard Pedersen, and CTO Rathakit Nopparangsritananon. Prior to Panya, Geir was the founder and managing partner of Santora Nakama, a SG/BKK based startup studio focused on building founder startups from scratch. Jakob built and sold two companies originated in Bangkok,  Playlab and Pagemodo. Playlab was the biggest independent mobile game developer in South East Asia, managing 28 million players worldwide and was in 2017 acquired by Chilindo. Rathakit has 10 years of experience in software and mobile application development both for Android and IOS system in many IT/Tech companies including Agoda and several startups in Singapore and Thailand.

“2018 was extremely challenging, yet thrilling – growing to 2 million users in 10 months – we amassed some amazing learnings. In 2019, we need to grow 20X to reach our goals”, says CEO and Co-founder Geir Windsvoll. “We’re very excited about the mixed media and the amazing opportunities that this new format gives. Imagine having million of users engaged in the same millisecond, imagine what you can do.  Outside of the Trivia template, there are still many possibilities to do thousands of variations. If you are a premier league fan, you have a very different experience playing a Premiere Trivia mid-game rather than a traditional Trivia or e.g. Asia Got talent Trivia following the traditional episodes on TV.”

About Panya Studios

Panya Studios is a game show developer that has developed a trivia-style quiz game which regularly rakes in 1.2 million views a week. But what Panya does now is to offer a end-to-end white label solution and SDK to clients who want to develop their own mobile interactive shows. Operational HQ currently in Bangkok, but looking to relocate their HQ in 2019 to Singapore with Product and Tech in Bangkok. Recently, the company raised USD 730,000 from VCs including BigBets and Anton Gauffin, Antler, Investigate, 500 Startups, and several angel investors in the region.

About Investigate

Investigate is a Singapore-based investment firm specialising in accelerating growth of startups within the Network Orchestrator business model – corporations facilitating information sharing and transactions in their network and sharing the value created with the same network. We marshal growth by helping management develop and implement strategies that significantly increase shareholder value.