We are very excited to announce Investigate’s fifth investment, Portcast, which has a great value proposition and equally great founders. Mikael Krogh, Managing Partner and Founder of Investigate says that “Portcast is an excellent example of a network orchestrator company enabled by cutting edge machine learning and big data analysis – analysing more than 22,000 dynamic real time data points and correlating them to the proprietary customer data in order to give accurate predictions on cargo volume and arrival time. This can give maritime and logistics companies up to 15% boost in profits.”

“Investigate as an investor is a great fit for Portcast – the network, unique investment theme and approach helps us develop the business and seize opportunities.” says CEO and Co-Founder Nidhi Gupta, “We are looking forward to continue to grow Portcast together with Investigate and our other investors.”

About Portcast

Portcast is the next-gen cargo predictability platform, which uses real-time external data and proprietary machine learning to predict how much cargo will be shipped and when will it arrive. Portcast’s SaaS platform combines over 22,000 external data sets (across economic, weather and satellite data) and helps maritime and logistics companies improve their profitability by 6 – 15% p.a.

About Investigate

Investigate is a Singapore-based investment firm specialising in accelerating growth of startups within the Network Orchestrator business model – corporations facilitating information sharing and transactions in their network and sharing the value created with the same network. We marshal growth by helping management develop and implement strategies that significantly increase shareholder value.