Investigate’s fourth investment is all about building – Antler the child of Mr Magnus Grimeland, CEO and Co-Founder, is setting out to help great talents build tomorrow’s outstanding companies.

“This is a bit like turning the startup process upside down – typically you first have an idea then you gather the talent, Antler starts with finding the right talent.” says Mikael Krogh, Managing Partner and Founder of Investigate Network Capital. “The reason why this is such a good recipe for success is that Antler addresses market inefficiencies and offers effective solutions to the common reasons for failure. For example; a) inability to find the right founding team/talent, b) not the right idea, and c) not enough capital. For Investigate this is interesting in several aspects in addition to return on investment; we get first hand access to the startups and the right to invest in companies that we are particularly interested in. This is also a very good, if not unusual, example of Network Orchestrating, fitting right into our investment theme. Last but not least – Magnus has gathered a great team and partners to ensure excellent execution of this strategy and scaling of companies that are being built!”

“We are very happy to have Investigate aboard as an investor.” says Magnus Grimeland, CEO and Co-Founder of Antler. “Investigate’s investment theme is fully aligned with the type of companies we want to help build. We aim to build up an effective global network of top mentors, partners and investors to help our founders get the best support and launching pad for their businesses. Investigate is one of our key partners in this space, and they will also play an important role when it comes to further external funding of the companies we are building.”

About Antler (

Antler is a new startup generator that turns top talent into great founders of great companies. We believe anyone with the right talent, drive and resources can change our world for the better.

Antler selects the most passionate aspiring entrepreneurs, helps them find the right co-founder and connects them to a mentor network of fitting business and academic subject matter experts worldwide.

Antler provides funding from day one to support founders building businesses they will own and run, and that can positively impact local, regional and global economies.

About Investigate (

Investigate is a Singapore-based investment firm specializing in accelerating growth of startups within the Network Orchestrator business model – corporations facilitating information sharing and transactions in their network and sharing the value created.

Investment theme:

  • Focus – a particular business model called Network Orchestrator
  • Geography – SEA with an opening for Scandinavian companies with a strong SEA link
  • Stage – early growth stage (would like to see some revenue)
  • Size – up to USD 500k in a single investment

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