“Parcel Perform is making e-commerce ‘sexy’ again.” says Mikael Krogh, Managing Partner and Founder of Investigate Network Capital. “Dr Arne Jeroschewski and Ms Dana von der Heide, the co-founders of Parcel Perform, are good examples of how you can look for an opportunity that can facilitate a Network Orchestrator business model. Parcel Perform is solving the problem of ‘losing’ the customer after checkout by offering:

  1. the best e-commerce parcel tracking solution (~600 logistics partners and counting) to deliver an outstanding customer experience,
  2. where e-commerce companies can create their own branded tracking experience to build a long-lasting relationship with their customers,
  3. and reduce Customer Service Cost and understand the true carrier performance.

The result? 40% increase in customer lifetime value (CLV) after checkout!”

“And that is just the beginning!” continues Mikael. “The data created and accumulated creates several, and arguably even more valuable, opportunities for products and services – more on this later in 2018 and beyond. Investigate is looking forward to taking a part of the journey and assisting along the way.”

About Parcel Perform

Parcel Perform is a Singapore-based disruptor in the e-commerce logistics industry. Parcel Perform is aiming to excel our customers’ end-to-end logistics experience and developed a SaaS platform to help merchants and customers to optimise their e-commerce logistics.

For more information on Parcel Perform see www.parcelperform.com