Salary Board is Investigate’s second investment and our first in the HR tech industry. “Salary Board, is a great example of the type of Network Orchestrator companies we are investing in; Salary Board is collecting public as well as proprietary data and applying their knowledge graph/AI and big data analysis to create products not before available – offering great value for the customers. What is also interesting is that every time a customer is added the value for everyone increases. Mr Madu Ionascu, the CEO and Founder of Salary Board, and his team has already proven that they are excellent in delivering value to their network by adding large MNCs as customers. We at Investigate are looking very much forward to assist Madu and his team to go international with Salary Board.” says Mikael Krogh, Managing Partner and Founder of Investigate Network Capital.

About Salary Board

Salary Board is an HR tech company that offers online solutions allowing professionals HR data and compare market pay rates in an accurate and convenient manner. Salary Board has access to real time and very granular HR and compensation data from 28 different sources (and counting) and by applying their knowledge graph and big data analysis they deliver products to several industries, SMEs, MNCs, recruitment industry, and others.

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