Investigate Network Capital (Investigate) had an official kick off at the Norwegian Embassy with investors, most of the Investigate team, and friends present both in person and over Skype from most parts of the world. The first three portfolio companies were also present, the founders presenting themselves and their companies.

“A dream come true!” exclaimed Mr Mikael Krogh, Founder and Director of Investigate Network Capital. “I am very grateful towards everyone that has supported this journey that is in its beginning – a big thank you to all of you.” he continues.

“This was a great way to kick off our fund that was formally established in December. I couldn’t be happier to have these three companies as the first investments – we have been digging through more than 150 companies the last six months in order to find these jewels. They truly represent our investment theme well and are already executing on the great potential they have. And with the excellent team we have gathered in Investigate we are well positioned to support these and more companies going forward.” says Mikael. “Best of all,” he continues “this is just the beginning!”

The three first investments of Investigate are:

  • DREA – an AdTech & Marketing Automation startup that lets SMEs do effective digital marketing and generate sales leads in a simple-to-use 4 Steps, 60 Seconds app (website)
  • Salary Board – is an information services company that offers SaaS solutions allowing companies and recruitment agencies research and compare HR analytics accurately and in real-time (website)
  • Parcel Perform – is a carrier-independent SaaS parcel tracking solution for e-commerce merchants worldwide, allowing them to improve their customer lifetime value by 40% through managing their customers’ after-checkout experience and improving their overall logistics setup (website)

Even though all three companies are based in Singapore, they will have a truly global reach with their product offering.

More about Investigate Network Capital

Investing in a business model

Investigate is a Singapore-based investment firm specialising in accelerating growth of startups within the Network Orchestrator business model – corporations facilitating information sharing and transactions in their network and sharing the value created, with the same network.

Investment theme:

  • Focus – a particular business model called Network Orchestrator
  • Geography – SEA with an opening for Scandinavian companies with a strong SEA link
  • Stage – early growth stage (post revenue)
  • Size – up to USD 500k in a single investment

For further enquiries contact Investigate on